Our dedicated staff of professional martial arts instructors sets us apart from the rest!

  • Sensei Michael Wax

    Sensei Wax holds a 4th degree black belt in Taekwondo and 6 world titles.

  • Sensei Chris Lawrence

    Sensei Chris loves to inspire people in fitness and creates fun and challenging karate classes.

  • Sensei Andrew Terrell

    Sensei Andrew is a 2nd degree black belt and specializes in the creative and traditional martial arts.

  • Sensei Zoe Brown

    Sensei Zoe is a 1st degree black belt and loves working with our little ninjas!

  • Sensei Khai Slaughter

    Sensei Khai is our newest addition to our instructor staff! He is a prodigy with the bo staff and is amazing with kids!

In addition, we have many leaders who have been working in classes, helping out to make the Alpha Martial Arts experience personal and beneficial for everyone! Our list of leaders include:

– Ms. Maya Nieberger

– Mr. Andreas O’Malley

– Ms. Rania Alhamoodah

– Ms. Emma Brown

– Mr. Tyler Rowley

– Mr. David Zelibor

– Ms. Jenna Joseph

– Mr. Christopher Wood

– Mr. Pavitra Soni

– Mr. Brian Bender