Leadership Opportunities
Martial arts is always passed on from teacher to student. We offer a weekly leadership team class where we teach students how to teach so that they can then pass their skills on to the next generation of students and continue to create leaders. Our instructors are almost always students that have come up through the ranks or have been in leadership positions before. We equip them with the tools to be successful so that they can one day run their own classes and private lessons!
Before games, the Denver Broncos choose a couple of teammates to be “captains” and represent the team at the coin toss or to give the motivational speech before going out onto the field. In the martial arts, we elect a team captain to help organize and motivate the other members of the team and get them ready to win, whether it’s at the state, national, or world-level competitions!
New for 2017, we will be introducing the all-new demo team. Leaders will be selected to be in charge of certain groups to ensure that everyone works smoothly together. Come see us at some of the demos around town!