Special Events
  • Birthday Parties

    We do it all – from custom invitations to running the party to cleaning up afterwards. It will be a birthday to remember! Ask our staff for availability!

  • Parents Night Out

    Looking for a night out? Let us take the kids! We theme our parents night out and do things like NERF night, Pizza Party, Nuclear Dodgeball, etc. You deserve it!

  • Night of the Ninja

    Every so often we have a special night where we lock the kids in ALL NIGHT and play games, learn to be ninjas, and have a blast! This one fills up QUICK!

  • Tournaments

    Competition magnifies your training. Come put your skills to the test at our in-house events or with our team on the state or national circuit!

  • Holiday Parties

    We love parties! We hold several throughout the year including our Christmas Party, Halloween Party, and others. Sign up to get our emails for updates!

  • Buddy Days

    The second Thursday of each month is when we love to have students bring in buddies to try out our awesome program. Come check it out!

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