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Alpha Martial Arts, was founded in 2010 by Michael and Shelby Wax, now owned by Alexandria and Alexia Stubbs, is one of Colorado’s top martial arts schools, producing black belts with numerous state and national titles.

Kwan-Jang-Nim Alexandria and Kwan-Jang-Nim Alexia are third degree black belts and 2020 Colorado state champions.

Alpha is a family studio where students are encouraged to perform their best. We use a unique teaching model as our instructors present the curriculum, which is based on ITF Taekwondo. Our instruction is affordable and fun for all ages! Classes are high-energy and utilize the best and most innovative teaching techniques.

Leadership, Competition, Weapons and Tricking in addition to our Traditional Program

Whether you are looking for recreational classes for you and your kids, or you want to compete at the highest levels, Alpha Martial Arts has the program for you! With years of state and national level competition, we can take you further than you thought possible! Our traditional program is based on respect, discipline and focus, while teaching practical martial arts that students of all ages can learn.

Taekwondo, a traditional Korean martial art, is the backbone of our program. We also incorporate Muay Thai, and Krav Maga as part of our traditional curriculum.

World-class instruction for all ages

Our Different Programs

If you are looking to enroll your 5 year-old into a program to gain coordination, your 9 year-old to gain some confidence, or your teenager to gain strength and respect, we have you covered!
Something for everyone!

Current Class Schedule

Our flexible schedule allows you to come to class when you are available - you are not locked into a particular weekly schedule and can come to the class that best fits your personal life!
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